Do You Need a Car Key Cut or Replacement Keys?

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Northriding Mobile Locksmith do car key cutting or programming if you need a replacement car key cut and copied. If you have lost your car keys, they need repairing or you want a duplicate set of for peace of mind; Jay can programme and cut keys for your car, van, motorbike, motorhome, etc.

Northriding Locksmith can cut keys for most types of vehicles and types of keys:

  • Transponder keys (most cars after 1998 have transponder chips and programmed to a specific car)
  • Remote car keys / electronic chips / key fobs (car keys programming required) 
  • Standard car keys (vehicle without remote central locking)
  • ‘Keyless’ Entry Fobs
  • Car keys (ignition, door, boot and petrol cap)
  • Motorbike keys
  • Van keys
  • Truck keys
  • Bus keys
  • Caravan keys
  • Roof rack keys

Reasons for Replacement Car Keys

There could be several reasons why you want a replacement set of keys for your vehicle, these are some of the most common ones:

  • Lost car keys – require new keys
  • Replacement car keys (or any other vehicle)
  • Replacement transponder chip if the chip is broken or missing
  • Spare set for convenience in case of lost or damaged vehicle key
  • Locked out of your vehicle
  • Broken / stuck in the ignition
  • Stolen car keys 
  • Keys have snapped in the lock

How do I get a new key for my car?

To get a new key for your car you will need to supply Jay with the following:

  1. Make, model and year of vehicle
  2. VIN (vehicle identification number) found on your licence disc
  3. Copy of licence disc (in some instances)

Cost Impacting Factors

The cost to get a new car cut all depends on your car make, model and year. This then depends on parts and tokens required for car key programming and if the car key is basic or remote.

  1. The make of vehicle – a Ford Fiesta will normally be cheaper than a Land Rover
  2. The model and year of car – The year and model of vehicle can impact the price
  3. The type of car key – Do you have a remote fob or transponder car key?
  4. Availability of your keys – Do you have spare car keys that can be copied, or have you lost your keys? Having no spare key will be the most expensive option.
  5. If you have lost your car keys, we can delete the vehicle’s database history so if they are found by someone else or stolen, they will be inoperable.

We recommend you get quotes from at least three locksmiths in your area, who, will often be cheaper than your local dealership.

Then give Jay a call on 082 651 6416 for guaranteed service satisfaction.