How to Reduce Locksmith Costs

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The best advice we can give on reducing the cost when you hire a locksmith is to get at least three different quotes to determine the best price.

However, don’t be mistaken into thinking that a job done quickly should be cheap.

You’re paying for the countless hours of training, the tools purchased and the knowledge of the locksmith, not the minutes taken to do the job.

  • Providing as much accurate information
  • Give the locksmith details on the lock and lock-related problem – this will help the locksmith give you a more realistic estimate of the work required and therefore cost
  • Read the price checklist
  • Below are some questions to ask the locksmith help prevent you from being overcharged.

10 Questions to Ask Your Locksmith

We have put together the below price checklist of some questions to ask a locksmith:

Pricing and Cost of Job

  1. Is the price quoted a fixed price for the job? Check whether all costs (product, labour, etc are included.
  2. Is it an estimate or firm quote? Some may quote an estimate because once on-site it may take more time.
  3. If an estimate, what elements may change? An example is that a higher security product may cost more.
  4. Is VAT included? Not all locksmiths charge VAT as they need to be VAT registered.

Labour Cost

  • Is labour included in the price? Labour may be extra, so always check.
  • Is labour charged per hour? If so, what is the rate?

Callout Fee

  • Is there a callout fee? There may be different charges depending on after hours, weekend or public holidays.
  • What does the callout fee cover? Some callout fees do not include any time on site.

Cheap Locksmiths and Sub-Contractors

  • Is the person quoting you doing the work themselves or are they sub-contracting?
  • If they are sub-contracting, ask who they are sub-contracting to and who will be billing you?

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