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Q: I lost my original Mercedes Key; have no spare and I need a copy / duplicate made, how much will this cost?

A: That depends on the year, make and model as well as the availability of the code, type of key (chip, fob, push to start, remote), to name but a few of the variables.

Q: How do I know if my 2007 Mercedes Sprinter key had a chip in it? I understand that some keys need to be programmed and others don’t.

A: A good rule of thumb is that if the key had a plastic cover at the top and / or vehicle was manufactured after 2000, it most likely has a chip. Therefore, if you’ve lost your Mercedes key and it had a chip, it will have to be programmed / coded on-site.

Below are some examples of the various Mercedes keys and remote “push to start button” fobs:

Fob remote “push to start” car key usually looks like some sort of remote, this fob car key has a chip and will need to be programmed.

Mercedes Benz remote car key

This is a Mercedes key that has a transponder chip and needs to be coded, the chip is located inside the cover at the top.

Mercedes Benz high security car key with chip

This is an image of a Mercedes key that does not contain a chip, it is a simple metal key and does not need to be coded.

Mercedes Benz non-transponder key – no programming necessary


Q: My 1999 Mercedes E500 ignition key won’t turn and my steering wheel is locked, what is the reason; do you need to change the ignition, what should I do?

A: There may be a few reasons why the ignition key won’t turn; worn out key, rusted ignition or broken wafers.  An experienced locksmith will be able to assess this on-site and advise accordingly, it is not always necessary to replace the ignition.

Replacement ignition cylinder

If you are looking for a new or replacement Mercedes key, contact Jay on 082 651 6416 with details of the make, model and year of your vehicle and he will quote you as well as advise of lead time if the stock needs to be placed on order.