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On-site auto locksmiths offer convenience and quick solutions for car lockouts, key replacements, and other issues. With 35 years of experience, we’re here to provide reliable and efficient service in the Northern Suburbs of Randburg.

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OWNER OPERATED, locksmith, auto and safe technician.

Servicing Boskruin, Bryanston, Cedar Lakes, Cresta, Dainfern, Ferndale, Fourways, Greenside, Honeydew, Jukskei Park, Kya Sands, Malanshof, North Riding, Northcliff, Northgate, Olivedale, Randburg, Randpark, Rivonia, Sandton, Sundowner and surrounding areas.

Payment with cash or credit card.

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Locksmith Safety Tips for the Holidays

car locksmith near me, car key replacement near me, auto locksmith near me | NorthRiding Mobile Locksmith & Safe Technician

Double-check your locks: Before heading out for holiday festivities, make sure all doors and windows are securely locked. A small oversight can lead to big problems.

Upgrade your locks: Consider investing in high-security locks for added protection. It’s a worthwhile investment to deter potential intruders during the holiday season.

Be discreet with keys: Avoid leaving spare keys in obvious places. Instead, give them to a trusted neighbour or friend. Burglars often target homes with easy access points.

Install security systems: A visible security system can act as a strong deterrent. Whether it’s alarms, cameras, or motion sensors, these measures add an extra layer of protection.

Secure your car: Don’t forget about your vehicle. Park in well-lit areas, and never leave valuables in plain sight. Consider steering wheel locks or other anti-theft devices for extra security.

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Lose your keys, locked out of your car, or even worse, locked out while the ignition is running?

At Northriding Mobile, we completely understand how important a vehicle is to getting our daily activities completed. So when those vehicles have lock issues, it intrudes on your daily routine and upsets your schedule. Don’t let a faulty lock ruin your day, call Jay immediately to fix the problem and let you get back to the tasks at hand!

Opel lock picked with no damage.

People misplace their car keys or lock them inside of their car all of the time. Modern vehicles are designed to prevent theft so when a lay person attempts to open their car it can result in irreversible damage. Rely on a dependable professional who understands the locking mechanisms and has the expertise of unlocking your vehicle to do this for you. Your friendly car locksmith can remove broken keys, open jammed locks, and get you back on the road in less than no time.

To significantly reduce bad experiences and getting ripped off by unsavory locksmiths, do a little research and avoid rushing to find the cheapest one who may not get the job done without causing further damage. Safeguard yourself against locksmiths who are unable or refuse to provide a general price range and ensure you provide as much information as possible so that you receive a reasonable and accurate quote.

Northriding Mobile delivers a range of professional auto locksmith services, including the duplication of most car keys, including BMW and Mercedez Benz keys.

Call or contact us today for emergencies and fast mobile services on 082 651 6416, or email us at to discuss how we can service your needs.

Mistakes that Owners Make with Auto-lock Cars

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You might remember when cars had proper metal keys and you had to unlock each door manually, including the boot and fuel tank. Nowadays, more manufacturers are producing auto-lock cars. Then came power locks and you only had to unlock one door and the rest opened automatically.

For years now, keyless entry is standard across the model range and the autolocking feature is quite common even in some modest models. Today most of the premium models have a keyless entry and start option in which you only need to have the key in your pocket and the car automatically opens all the doors and lets you start the engine by pushing the button, not physically pushing the key into the console.

These are all very convenient and advanced but also can be very problematic. Here are some problems that may arise from driving an auto-lock car!

Forgetting a key inside the car

One of the most common mistakes is when you forget your key inside the car and exit the vehicle. It will automatically lock itself in a matter of seconds and there is no way you can enter it.

The most elegant solution is to find the second key you got when you bought the car, but what to do if the second key is in your house and you are hundreds of kilometers away? Basically, nothing, you could either call somebody to bring you the second key, or call locksmith with their knowledge and tools.

We do not recommend you trying to open the doors using force or breaking the windows because it will trigger the alarm and you will look like you’re trying to steal the car.

Not properly closing the doors or the boot

Some new premium and expensive models have an auto-closing feature that automatically closes the doors.

However, most common models do not have that installed. The problem occurs when you don’t properly close the door or the boot and you left your car parked. The auto-lock feature will engage but will fail to lock the said door.

This will not only leave your car open but it will leave the interior light on. You could experience a dead battery or someone could enter your car. So before you let auto-lock do its thing, check all the doors and the boot before walking away.

Leaving pets or children inside the car

If you need to step out of the vehicle and you have passengers inside, always leave the key in the car. This way you will not lock your passengers or small children inside and leave them trapped.

This could be very dangerous if you are in a hurry and your car key is in your pocket and you have children in the back seat. You have to remember that once you are a couple of meters away from the vehicle it will automatically lock all the doors and anybody who is in the vehicle will have to stay inside until you come back.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to gain access to your car, need a spare or duplicate key, then look no further! Give Jay a call on 082 651 6416 and he’ll be able to assist you at affordable prices.