How much does a duplicate car key cost?

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How much does a duplicate key cost? 

There are various reasons for duplicating your car key, (1) you lose your key – having a backup can relive a lot of unnecessary stress; (2) useful for a family member or friend to have a spare key if you lose your key or lock it in your car this may save you time, money and aggravation.

Regrettably, several people do not get a duplicate because they are worried about the cost. These days, cars are equipped with high-tech car keys and do not want to pay in the event there may be an emergency.

So, how much does it cost to duplicate car keys and the factors influencing the costs:

  1. Who makes the duplicate – a dealership will almost always cost more than a locksmith due to their higher operational costs and profit margin; a local hardware will duplicate the key but most hardware employees cannot ensure the key will fit or work as intended.
  2. Type of car key – make and model of your car is central in determining cost, the newer or luxury vehicles will certainly be pricier, while older vehicles may have simpler keys which could reduce the cost. It is crucial that you get the correct information prior to calling for estimates as basic car keys are not that common. Keys now utilise key fobs; transponder chips; remote parts; laser cut keys; and switchblade keys. In some instances, it may be better to order a replacement key.
  3. Type of duplication machine used – the car key duplicator determines the amount of time it will take to duplicate the key and how complex it is to duplicate, the more time it takes, the higher the cost. A more precise machine will make more precise key cuts, but that takes time and raises the cost.
  4. Should you duplicate your car key or replace it – there are times when reordering a new one is the preferred choice, some of the modern cars have keyless entry; some have fobs that need reprogramming. In these situations, reordering a new key may be the best bet, it may be expensive, but the best option. In other situations, duplication my be the easier and preferred option as you merely need an emergency set; if your car is older then a duplicate key is best.

Duplicating a car key is cheaper than most people appreciate, however there are some factors that could increase the price of the key. When you are locked out of your car and unable to get to work; home; or the hospital, having a duplicate key is priceless.

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