Safe lockout – what do you do?

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Safe lockout – what do you do? 

Protecting your business’ valuables is a fantastic idea, but sometimes those same protections can prevent you from accessing the property. In the case of safe lockouts, the concern is often that the owner will never be able to get their valuables back, or that the contents might be harmed by the methods of opening the safe. With Northriding Locksmith & Safe Technician, the safety and protection of this property is of the utmost importance, and Jay will take every precaution to ensure the integrity of the contents.

Most safes work off a dial or combination lock system. This form of locking mechanism works, at its most basic level, on a system of tabbed wheels (the group of which is known as a wheel pack) that are moved by rotating the dial. The tabs of the wheels (known as the fence) all connect at a certain point, and when the wheels line up a bar attached to the nose (a metal hook shaped form) drops to unite the wheel pack. Once the bar falls into the fence the nose must catch in the cam (another wheel with a groove that fits the nose), and it is at this point that the safe can be opened. The way the wheels are manipulated with the dial may vary from safe to safe, but this is no issue for an experienced safe technician as it is redundant to entry.


A digital lock works off a bolting system that prevents the safe from being turned without the code. The bolt (when locked) prevents the handle from moving the boltwork (the part of the safe that is moved by the turning of the handle); and keeps the safe secure. The keypad will send an electronic signal to the bolt and if the code is correct, this will retract the bolt and allow the boltwork to move freely.

Safe technology has become very advanced throughout the decades, and the process of opening an office safe is made more difficult by their more secure nature, compared to the common house safe. Without an override key, the safe will need to either be picked or drilled open; this is best left to a professional, so the contents of the safe are not jeopardised.

It is important to note, that not all locksmiths are skilled in the art of opening safes and may do more damage if they do not know where to drill, thereby leaving your safe compromised and necessary to replace.  If you are in need of an experienced safe technician contact Jay on 082 651 6416; he will require a picture of the safe to determine the category to give you an accurate quote to open or service your safe.