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One of the more frequent questions I get (and I mean daily) is from someone who’s lost a key to some lock and doesn’t want to pay the callout they’ve been quoted because they have seen it done on You Tube and it looks easy. I feel their pain. Many a time I’ve had to get an emergency tradesman round only to see them twist a knob, tighten a screw, etc. then invoice me for a similar amount. It hurts!

He charges a callout because he spent time learning all about locks. He spent time learning so that he can identify your lock and work out how to open it. He spent money on a wide variety of tools and techniques because he knows certain types of locks might be resistant to MICA, or an EPG, it might require single pin lock picking, a technique on which he has probably spent hundreds of hours, hundreds of locks, and a few lock pick sets perfecting.

It’s easy to say, and believe me we hear it all the time, that a locksmith arrived, stuck a little tool in the lock and it was open in seconds, only then to complain when he asked for the full callout that you initially quoted them. Do you want him to take an hour, to sweat, to have cuts on his fingers? Because if that’s the issue, don’t worry, he already has! The reason he can get the job done in seconds is because he’s already done the sweating, he’s already spent the hours learning, hours upon hours of practising, learning, studying, becoming excellent at his chosen skill. He did that so you don’t have to, so that he doesn’t have to when you want the lock open.

So rather than complain when a locksmith opens your lock in a matter of seconds, be glad you can carry on with your life faster than expected. Of course, there’s another answer to not paying the callout, and I promise you’ll never have to pay another locksmith. Get the skills yourself, get the tools, learn the techniques, and you’ll never need to call a locksmith again.


key cutting near me, automotive locksmith near me, car key locksmith near me | NorthRiding Mobile Locksmith & Safe Technician

Take the time to find a reliable, local locksmith before you need one in an emergency.

Locksmith scams tend to target home and car owners when they’re at their most vulnerable … in an emergency and needing immediate assistance.

Many consumers think they’re doing the right thing by searching online for a local locksmith, in some cases these locksmiths are run by call centres, in other instances they may not be trained as locksmiths but are in fact handymen.

To avoid hiring an unskilled locksmith to solve your locked-out problem, take the time to research the company first.

Here are some tips to follow before you hire:

Look for a truly “local” locksmith: The best way to know whether a locksmith is trustworthy is to research them in advance. Call them, ask them detailed questions and check their reviews. If you’re in a hurry, be wary of locksmith companies that answer calls with generic phrases like “locksmith services,” rather than a specific name. If a locksmith cannot or will not provide the business’ legal name – FIND ANOTHER LOCKSMITH.

Ask for a quote: The average locksmith callout starts from approx. R 500, what customers need to take into account is, you’re paying to get a locksmith shop at your home, and with that, there’s an overhead; a locksmith’s fee pays for tools, continued training and transportation to and from a job. No skilled or reputable locksmith that does not charge a callout could remain in business. Get an estimate before any work begins, including emergency service. Don’t hire a locksmith who refuses to provide a quote.

Inquire about additional charges: ask about extra charges for things like emergency hours, mileage or service call minimums before you agree to have the work performed. The scammers might also claim the lock on your home or car is obsolete and needs to be replaced. They’ll charge hundreds of rands to replace the lock with what they claim is a high-security lock, but in reality, it’s a cheap lock offering little protection. Reputable locksmiths should be able to answer questions about the intended repair including how they’ll get into your car or home, and the cost of those services. If the locksmith refuses to answer – HANG UP!. This is a sign of someone who either doesn’t know what they’re doing or plans to overcharge you for a job.

Watch out for fluctuating bids: If the locksmith’s on-site price doesn’t match the phone estimate, don’t just accept the adjusted price and pay the bill without an explanation. Some locksmiths may demand payment after doing shoddy work or inflating the bill; a reputable company won’t drastically change the quoted price without discussing it with the client first.

Don’t allow “destructive entry” by a locksmith: If you’re locked out, be wary of locksmiths who recommend or insist on drilling / breaking the lock, forcing you to replace it. There are rare occasions where drilling is necessary, but this should be the last option as most experienced locksmiths possess the skills and tools to unlock almost any door. High security locks are designed to stop people from bumping or picking a door open, and they require specialised keys cut to comply with the lock’s grooves. In these cases, the locksmith may use a cheaper replacement lock as a temporary option while sourcing / ordering a replacement lock of the same security level (with your approval on receipt of a quote for the replacement lock).


Ask these questions before hiring a locksmith. If a business can’t provide detailed answers, don’t hire them.

  • Where area do you operate in?
  • Do you need a picture of the lock?•
  • Can you give me a quote? •
  • What factors will cause this price to change?•
  • Do you require cash, or can I pay with an e-wallet or credit card?•
  • What’s the name of the locksmith who will be coming?

Attached is an example of a customer who contacted us after they had a bad experience with an unqualified handyman presenting as a qualified locksmith. PLEASE NOTE, THIS IS NOT THE INVOICE OF NORTHRIDING LOCKSMITH (we have all of our company details on the invoice as per government legislation).

Invoice of confirmed unqualified locksmith charging excessively

Customer satisfaction is key

car locksmith near me, car key replacement near me, auto locksmith near me | NorthRiding Mobile Locksmith & Safe Technician

Customer satisfaction is key

Customer satisfaction is one of the foundations of the exceptional relationship, sometimes referred to as true customer loyalty. Because of this it is important to hit the essentials of customer satisfaction (reliably and repeatedly) so that you don’t let down those customers you ultimately hope to convert to loyalty.

Customer satisfaction is based on four predictable factors; i.e. customers are satisfied whenever they consistently receive:
1. A perfect product;
2. Delivered by a caring, friendly person;
3. In a timely fashion;. . . with (because any of those three elements may misfire)
4. The support of an effective problem resolution process.

At Northriding Mobile Locksmith, Jay strives to achieve all four of these factors with 100% of his jobs, so, in the unlikely event that you have an issue shortly after a job is done, we ask that you contact him (on 082 651 6416) to seek a resolution so that he may achieve true customer loyalty.