Tip #4 What is a transponder and immobilizer in a car?

Modern cars with immobilizer systems seek a unique electronic signature sent by the transponder trip, a device situated inside the key head. The car immobilizer will not allow the vehicle to start if it detects an invalid transponder code or none at all. It is essential to configure transponder keys to recognize the unique electronic signature of the car’s immobilizer.

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Vehicle Remote Battery Tip

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🔋 Is your car remote fob feeling a bit sluggish lately? It might just need a little power boost! 🔋

Changing the batteries on your car remote fob is a quick and easy task that can save you a lot of hassle down the road. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Check your fob: If your remote isn’t working as it should, it’s likely time for a battery change. Most fobs have a small slot where you can insert a flathead screwdriver or coin to open them up.
  2. Open it up: Carefully pry open the fob using the designated slot. Be gentle to avoid damaging the casing.
  3. Swap out the batteries: Once the fob is open, you’ll see the batteries inside. Remove the old batteries and replace them with fresh ones of the same type. Make sure to observe the correct polarity.
  4. Close it up: Once the new batteries are in place, snap the fob back together. You should hear a satisfying click when it’s properly closed.
  5. Test it out: Press the buttons on your remote to ensure it’s working correctly. If everything looks good, you’re all set!

Remember, it’s a good idea to keep spare batteries on hand so you’re always prepared. Happy remote fobbing! 🚗💨 #CarTips #DIY #StayCharged

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Mistakes that Owners Make with Auto-lock Cars

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You might remember when cars had proper metal keys and you had to unlock each door manually, including the boot and fuel tank. Nowadays, more manufacturers are producing auto-lock cars. Then came power locks and you only had to unlock one door and the rest opened automatically.

For years now, keyless entry is standard across the model range and the autolocking feature is quite common even in some modest models. Today most of the premium models have a keyless entry and start option in which you only need to have the key in your pocket and the car automatically opens all the doors and lets you start the engine by pushing the button, not physically pushing the key into the console.

These are all very convenient and advanced but also can be very problematic. Here are some problems that may arise from driving an auto-lock car!

Forgetting a key inside the car

One of the most common mistakes is when you forget your key inside the car and exit the vehicle. It will automatically lock itself in a matter of seconds and there is no way you can enter it.

The most elegant solution is to find the second key you got when you bought the car, but what to do if the second key is in your house and you are hundreds of kilometers away? Basically, nothing, you could either call somebody to bring you the second key, or call locksmith with their knowledge and tools.

We do not recommend you trying to open the doors using force or breaking the windows because it will trigger the alarm and you will look like you’re trying to steal the car.

Not properly closing the doors or the boot

Some new premium and expensive models have an auto-closing feature that automatically closes the doors.

However, most common models do not have that installed. The problem occurs when you don’t properly close the door or the boot and you left your car parked. The auto-lock feature will engage but will fail to lock the said door.

This will not only leave your car open but it will leave the interior light on. You could experience a dead battery or someone could enter your car. So before you let auto-lock do its thing, check all the doors and the boot before walking away.

Leaving pets or children inside the car

If you need to step out of the vehicle and you have passengers inside, always leave the key in the car. This way you will not lock your passengers or small children inside and leave them trapped.

This could be very dangerous if you are in a hurry and your car key is in your pocket and you have children in the back seat. You have to remember that once you are a couple of meters away from the vehicle it will automatically lock all the doors and anybody who is in the vehicle will have to stay inside until you come back.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to gain access to your car, need a spare or duplicate key, then look no further! Give Jay a call on 082 651 6416 and he’ll be able to assist you at affordable prices.


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Do All VW cars start the same way?

Volkswagen cars from M plate upwards (1995) use an immobiliser system that prevents the vehicle from starting without the correct key. The immobiliser is deactivated by a small transponder chip that is embedded in the head of the key. Earlier VW models use a separate immobiliser box whilst some of the later models (T plates and upwards) use an immobiliser system that is combined with the dashboard clocks.

With the earlier models of VW cars (pre-2006), locksmiths use a key reader that is inserted into the car lock to read the wafer depths. This allows us to cut a new key without having to remove the lock. The correct transponder chip that is required to deactivate the immobiliser box is then inserted into the key, without the need for a security code first.

Post 2006, (M plate and up until the very latest models), Volkswagen’s parent group VAG decided to pre code the transponder chips. It has made cars more secure and harder to steal because the chip is unique to each vehicle, but it has also made it more difficult for car locksmiths.

VW Car Key Replacement made easy

Northriding Locksmith has invested in specialist software and diagnostic equipment that enables Jay to extract the unique 4-digit security code that is required to program the keys. Our investment in the specialist equipment means we can cut new keys and program the transponder key to your car, as well as reproduce remote fobs for central locking.

Types of key

Just Need a Spare Set of VW Keys?

It’s a fact – keys wear out, develop faults or even break. Sometimes a repair is an option and a total replacement is not necessary. Our service is not limited to replacing lost or broken car keys; or helping you gain access to your vehicle if you have accidentally locked your keys inside. Perhaps you only have one set and need a spare set. Jay comes to you and produces the keys for you as long as you are within our service area, all you need to know is that 082 651 6416 is the number to call and Jay will take care of the rest.

BMW Key Replacement

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BMW vehicles and technology evolve over time, at Northriding Mobile Locksmith we have the tools, technology, and machinery to produce keys required for your BMW.  Next time you need a key replacement, skip the dealership and call Jay on 082 651 6416.

We believe that losing or misplacing a car key is an honest mistake and shouldn’t be an incredibly costly error, rather, it should be a problem that is relatively easy and quick to resolve. We specialise in fast key cutting and programming solutions at very affordable prices compared to most of our competitors.

Depending on the year and model of BMW, you might have a traditional car key or a state-of-the-art programmable key fob. The majority of BMW’s manufactured after 2000 will have a transponder style key. The key is used to start the engine and the transponder chip inside the key disarms the vehicles standard immobiliser system located in the engine control unit (ECU).  In either case, getting a replacement can be a challenge if you don’t have the original key.

Car keys (both laser cut and programmable) are more complicated than standard house or door keys. Your average locksmith might be able to help you unlock your car, but probably won’t be able to make you a replacement key. The design and functionality of car keys just vary too much from brand to brand. We not only do BMW keys; we also unlock and make replacement keys for a wide variety of other makes; including VW, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, to name a few.

Whether your BMW is an older style key, transponder key or you need an emergency key, we are on hand, best of all, our business is 100% mobile, which means we can come to you, get you a replacement key and get you back on the road ASAP. Give Jay a call on 082 651 6416 for professional service.

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How much does a duplicate car key cost?

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How much does a duplicate key cost? 

There are various reasons for duplicating your car key, (1) you lose your key – having a backup can relive a lot of unnecessary stress; (2) useful for a family member or friend to have a spare key if you lose your key or lock it in your car this may save you time, money and aggravation.

Regrettably, several people do not get a duplicate because they are worried about the cost. These days, cars are equipped with high-tech car keys and do not want to pay in the event there may be an emergency.

So, how much does it cost to duplicate car keys and the factors influencing the costs:

  1. Who makes the duplicate – a dealership will almost always cost more than a locksmith due to their higher operational costs and profit margin; a local hardware will duplicate the key but most hardware employees cannot ensure the key will fit or work as intended.
  2. Type of car key – make and model of your car is central in determining cost, the newer or luxury vehicles will certainly be pricier, while older vehicles may have simpler keys which could reduce the cost. It is crucial that you get the correct information prior to calling for estimates as basic car keys are not that common. Keys now utilise key fobs; transponder chips; remote parts; laser cut keys; and switchblade keys. In some instances, it may be better to order a replacement key.
  3. Type of duplication machine used – the car key duplicator determines the amount of time it will take to duplicate the key and how complex it is to duplicate, the more time it takes, the higher the cost. A more precise machine will make more precise key cuts, but that takes time and raises the cost.
  4. Should you duplicate your car key or replace it – there are times when reordering a new one is the preferred choice, some of the modern cars have keyless entry; some have fobs that need reprogramming. In these situations, reordering a new key may be the best bet, it may be expensive, but the best option. In other situations, duplication my be the easier and preferred option as you merely need an emergency set; if your car is older then a duplicate key is best.

Duplicating a car key is cheaper than most people appreciate, however there are some factors that could increase the price of the key. When you are locked out of your car and unable to get to work; home; or the hospital, having a duplicate key is priceless.

Call Jay on 082 651 6416 for peace of mind in an emergency and have a duplicate key available.