Our services

Reliability and professional expertise make all the difference when it comes to hiring a locksmith. Our company, Northriding Mobile Locksmith, was established over 30 years ago and has been offering professional, high-standard locksmith services in Northriding and surrounding areas. Our services are based on extensive experience in the business and familiarity on the latest developments in locking mechanisms. We can handle almost anything to do with a lock.

Home locksmith services

Locked yourself out of the house? Faulty locks? Key broken in the lock? Child locked in the bathroom? Just moved and in need of new locks and remotes? Unforeseen events occur daily so when in need, calmly call Northriding Mobile and our remarkable locksmith will arrive to assist you and put your mind at ease once again.

Your home is your castle and biggest investment from high class estate building to small apartments and therefore it must be protected. Security is a small price to pay for the knowledge that your loved ones and the household you have built together remain protected. When you reach for a door handle installed by the professionals at Northriding Mobile you will feel the strength and security that comes with getting the job done right. Northriding Mobile Locksmith has decades of experience in securing residential houses, installing only the most reliable and top quality locks and products from trusted brand names.

Call or contact us today for emergencies and fast mobile services on 082 651 6416 to discuss how we can service your needs.

Commercial & business locksmith services

Key holding staff off sick? Premises not secure? Need to replace or repair locks? New development? Safes needed to be supplied, installed, opened, moved or serviced? Running a business is hard enough without having to worry about building security. We cover everything a commercial or business premises will need from basic door locks to high end Master Key Systems.

Your employees are your greatest asset, and in our modern climate, commercial buildings should be well protected. There is the possibility of varying levels of security access, from the underground car park, reception, management offices, and high-level security areas.

Northriding Locksmith can help by supplying and fitting replacement locks and keys for all types of business and commercial premises. We can also undertake a survey of your property and advise on its security and any improvements that could be made.

With decades of experience, excellent service and a dedication to our customers, rest assured that we care about the safety of you and your environment. Northriding Mobile Locksmith & Safe Technician is the most qualified and trusted business and commercial locksmith in the area.

Call or contact us today for emergencies and fast mobile services on 082 651 6416 to discuss how we can service your needs.

Car locksmith services

Lose your keys, locked out of your car, or even worse, locked out while the ignition is running? At Northriding Mobile, we completely understand how important a vehicle is to getting our daily activities completed. So when those vehicles have lock issues, it intrudes on your daily routine and upsets your schedule. Don’t let a faulty lock ruin your day, call Northriding Mobile immediately to fix the problem and let you get back to the tasks at hand!

People misplace their car keys or lock them inside of their car all of the time. Modern vehicles are designed to prevent theft so when a lay person attempts to open their car it can result in irreversible damage. Rely on a dependable professional who understands the locking mechanisms and has the expertise of unlocking your vehicle to do this for you. Your friendly car locksmith can remove broken keys, open jammed locks, and get you back on the road in less than no time.

To significantly reduce bad experiences and getting ripped off by unsavory locksmiths, do a little research and avoid rushing to find the cheapest one who may not get the job done without causing further damage. Safeguard yourself against locksmiths who are unable or refuse to provide a general price range and ensure you provide as much information as possible so that you receive a reasonable and accurate quote.

Northriding Mobile delivers a range of professional auto locksmith services, including the duplication of most car keys, including BMW and Mercedez Benz keys. 

Call or contact us today for emergencies and fast mobile services on 082 651 6416 to discuss how we can service your needs.

Safe technician services

Are you finding it impossible to get your safe open? Did you forget the combination? Did the safe’s lock get damaged due to vandalism or theft? Inherited a safe and unaware of the contents? Perhaps there is mechanical or technical failure. Need it moved to a new, more convenient or concealed space? Whatever the problem with your safe at home or the office, don’t panic, we have the expertise you need to open, repair, service or move your safe.

Opening safes, working with combination locks, etc. is a highly specialised ability. Let us take care of it for you! Don’t try to crack the safe, chances are you’ve already tried and it hasn’t worked. Not all safes are the same and our veteran safe technicians have seen most of it before, so they have the knowledge and experience to understand the various locking methods used along with the ins and outs of today’s safe construction and maintenance requirements. We have what it takes to open and repair your safe so you can keep your valuables and sensitive documents protected.

A good safe technician is more than your average locksmith, he has aptitudes and years of knowledge in dealing with a variety of problems giving him the edge when it comes old or difficult safes. We can open free standing, wall or concealed safes ranging from budget to safes employed by banks and other large industries. We make every effort to crack the safe with as little damage as possible by lock picking, decoding the levers or manipulation.

Do yourself a favour, and contact a professional who will handle your safe for you, without stress or damage experienced by yourself. Contact us on 082 651 6416 to receive a free quote.

Limited after hours support

A list of emergency numbers on the average household refrigerator probably includes the family doctor, hospital, perhaps dentist, and fire, police and ambulance services. Several maintenance people might also be listed, such as an electrician, gas fitter and a plumber. Their details should be handy in case of a flood, problems with air conditioning/heating, or an electrical short that sends a home into darkness.

Where locks are concerned, customers are most likely to need local emergency support when they are out of the home. The number for a local locksmith, such as Northriding Mobile, should be saved on your mobile phone for when a person is locked out of the house or stranded or unable to get into their car at a shopping centre over a weekend or public holiday.

South Africans living and working around Johannesburg should start their search for an emergency locksmith with Northriding Mobile and explore services, plus the neighbourhoods they serve. Their range is extensive, including Fourways, Ferndale, Honeydew, and more. Northriding Mobile Locksmith is available for limited local after hour support.

The greatest benefit of choosing a Northriding Mobile service provider is speed. A locksmith is able to get to your home or car, even a safe that needs to be opened in a hurry, and fix the situation quickly. His van is loaded with the devices required to repair or replace all forms of frequently used locks and keys.

Your after hour locksmith is familiar with regular car door and ignition keys, magnetic, keyless, electric systems and more. Some services can wait a while, like updating home security, but a home owner has to be able to secure a door after an attempted burglary that messed up the lock. Northriding Mobile Locksmiths will install new locks, including a dead lock, to make the homeowner feel secure until they are able to investigate updating their security system.

Consumers feel safe with Northriding Mobile thanks to their 30-year record serving the area, working with commercial and residential clients.