Home Locksmith Services in Northern Suburbs

Locked yourself out of the house? Faulty locks? Key broken in the lock? Child locked in the bathroom? Just moved and in need of new locks and remotes? Unforeseen events occur daily so when in need, calmly call Northriding Mobile and our remarkable locksmith will arrive to assist you and put your mind at ease once again.

Your home is your castle and biggest investment from high class estate building to small apartments and therefore it must be protected. Security is a small price to pay for the knowledge that your loved ones and the household you have built together remain protected. When you reach for a door handle installed by the professionals at Northriding Mobile you will feel the strength and security that comes with getting the job done right. Northriding Mobile Locksmith has decades of experience in securing residential houses, installing only the most reliable and top quality locks and products from trusted brand names.

Call or contact us today for emergencies and fast mobile services on 082 651 6416, or email us at to discuss how we can service your needs.

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