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Safe Technician Services in Northern Suburbs

Are you finding it impossible to get your safe open? Did you forget the combination? Did the safe’s lock get damaged due to vandalism or theft? Inherited a safe and unaware of the contents? Perhaps there is mechanical or technical failure. Need it moved to a new, more convenient or concealed space? Whatever the problem with your safe at home or the office, don’t panic, we have the expertise you need to open, repair, service or move your safe.

Opening safes, working with combination locks, etc. is a highly specialised ability. Let us take care of it for you! Don’t try to crack the safe, chances are you’ve already tried and it hasn’t worked. Not all safes are the same and our veteran safe technicians have seen most of it before, so they have the knowledge and experience to understand the various locking methods used along with the ins and outs of today’s safe construction and maintenance requirements. We have what it takes to open and repair your safe so you can keep your valuables and sensitive documents protected.

A good safe technician is more than your average locksmith, he has aptitudes and years of knowledge in dealing with a variety of problems giving him the edge when it comes old or difficult safes. We can open free standing, wall or concealed safes ranging from budget to safes employed by banks and other large industries. We make every effort to crack the safe with as little damage as possible by lock picking, decoding the levers or manipulation.

Do yourself a favour, and contact a professional who will handle your safe for you, without stress or damage experienced by yourself. Contact us on 082 651 6416 or email us at Feel free to call or email us at any time to receive a free quote.

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