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Reliability and professional expertise make all the difference when it comes to hiring a locksmith. In Honeydew, however, there is no dearth of locksmiths offering the best of services, which cater to the residents of this area and other localities in the vicinity.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of availing the services of a professional locksmith:

  • Professional locksmiths usually are backed by several years of experience in handling different types of locks, their workings, the likely problems that may occur, and the solutions that fix these problems. We, here at Northriding Mobile Locksmith, have been in business for about 17 years and can fix nearly all faulty locks.
  • Expertise in diverse locking mechanisms enable seasoned locksmiths to address specific customer requirements. Here again, we offer efficient and expert services spanning a wide range of locks.
  • Familiarity with local building structures and security requirements of specific areas differentiate professional services from the run-of-the-mill services provided by almost every other locksmith in the business. We are aware of the local conditions, understand the requirements, and our services will definitely meet customer needs and expectations, as a result.


Those in search of a reliable locksmith in Honeydew can contact us for a free quote today. Our services include installation, replacement and opening locks. We specialise in car, safe as well as home locks, offering professional services of the highest quality.

Getting locked out of cars and homes in and around Honeydew will no longer be a problem. Count on our prompt services for a fast and efficient response. We can open nearly all locks on car and home doors without a dent or scratch on these surfaces.

If locks have been damaged by negligent repair works, we can take care of replacing them with replacement locks that fit perfectly in place of the original ones.

We can also guide clients in selecting suitable new locks for their homes and carry out the installation, causing no damage to the property in any way. The types of locks chosen for doors within the home and those that face the exteriors are quite different. Doors that stand at the exit or entry to a home usually require a double reinforcement in the form of deadlocks. We are adept at handling deadlock installations. Be it single or double cylinder deadlocks that respond only to the right key or the latest keyless models, we can install a suitable lock to best secure the homes, depending on the exact needs.

Finding a trustworthy, professional Honeydew  locksmith is now quite easy. Just give us a call on 082 651 6416 or email us at northridinglocksmith@outlook.com.

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