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Speedy, efficient and professional locksmith services are available to local residents from Northriding Mobile Locksmith, an expert locksmith in Fourways. We have been around in this established business for over a decade now. Backed by over 23 years of experience, we offer the best of locksmith services, specialising in all aspects of the job.

Jammed locks, lost or stolen keys, or locked out of homes or vehicles? Not to worry! Just get in touch with us for prompt help from an experienced locksmith, covering  Fourways and other surrounding areas.



Our Fourways Locksmith Services Span:

Installation of New Locks

Working with locks has now become a fad with DIY enthusiasts attempting to fix problems, or even install locks on their own. Attempting to don the role of a professional locksmith can get quite challenging, given the kind of work involved in completing a task to perfection, especially installing and replacing locks.

Deciding on the right type of lock, and gauging the position or placement of each component of a locking mechanism and a neat installation calls for expertise.

Relying on the services of a professional locksmith in Fourways, Northriding Mobile Locksmith will help address installation and replacement of locks in a fast and efficient manner. We take care that the job does not, in any way, impair the home interior aesthetics. We observe precision and also ensure that the locks serve their intended purpose.

Opening Locks

We are adept at opening locks on homes, cars and, in special cases, even home safes, without inflicting any damage to the structure or contents.

Replacing Locks

Lock replacements need an expert hand and we can help choose and install locks that best fit in place of old or damaged locks, without the need for any major revamps.

Installation of Deadbolts

Despite the fact that most homes have sturdy wooden doors at the entrance and exit routes, securing them with secondary deadbolts or deadlocks help combat burglary and break-ins. The choice of a deadbolt again is crucial, as this lock responds only to the right key – physical or digital. Installing deadbolts is just one of our specialties.

We are familiar with the locking mechanisms of all types of locks and can help select, install, replace, or even simply pick-open locks based on specific requirements. Our quick, expert services can secure access to locked-out homes, cars or safes, and also ensure the safety of homes. Are you in search of a professional locksmith? Do not hesitate to call us for a free quote on 082 651 6416 or email us at northridinglocksmith@outlook.com.

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