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Professional locksmiths offer a range of services, right from installing new locks, replacing them, and even picking them open when people accidentally lock themselves out of their homes or vehicles. While there is no dearth of local locksmiths who may provide these services for an affordable fee, finding a professional, credible Ferndale locksmith may well be more beneficial in the long run. Compromising quality, expert services and, hence, safety for the service costs is by no means a wise choice.

Our company, Northriding Mobile Locksmith, was established over 17 years ago and has been offering professional, high-standard locksmith services in Ferndale and all the northern areas. Our services are based on extensive experience in the business and familiarity on the latest developments in locking mechanisms. We can handle almost anything to do with a lock.


Our specialisations include:

  • Opening of locks on homes, cars and safes
  • Installing new locks
  • Replacing locks
  • Fitting dead locks


Keys for vehicles, homes or safes are of concern only when they have been stolen or lost. In these events, it is important to get the locks replaced to avoid any further loss. In case of lock-outs or jammed locks, we can simply open or fix them so that they are ready for use.

We are equally adept at replacing locks on a need basis. By opting for a suitable replacement lock that best fits an existing infrastructure, we ensure that the premises are well secured without any major work on the doorframes, unless required.

For homeowners looking to install new locks, we can help decide the right type of lock that best suits the purpose, door structure, security needs and the budget, making the choice worth the spend.

The choosing of a suitable lock is as important as the quality of service. Doors that open into the exteriors need additional protection against forced entry, especially in areas where crime is rampant. We, a trusted, professional locksmith in Ferndale, can help secure homes by installing deadlocks that offer the best protection against break-ins. Doors fitted with deadlocks cannot be prised open, not without breaking down the frame.

The main benefit for availing the services of professional locksmiths is that there are usually no damages to the property – be it a car, house or a safe. Get in touch with us to get a free quote for specific service needs, you can call us on 082 651 6416 or email us at northridinglocksmith@outlook.com.

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