Request a Quote and Research Companies

We can not stress enough the importance of getting a quote from a reputable company BEFORE you get the job done.

It is now almost a daily occurrence where we are contacted by dissatisfied customers of other fly-by-night “locksmith companies” where they are being extorted by individuals charging low call out fees of anything from R 100 – R 250 and then are charged thousands of rands in labour.

We can not assist you after the fact, it is also not our responsibility to phone these scammers and ask about their qualifications or how they can justify their prices. The onus is on you, the customer, to do your due diligence and ask for referrals from people you know, look at the company’s facebook page, check Hello Peter, look on their website, etc. to ensure they are in fact qualified tradesmen with a reputable track record.

This job was done on a Wednesday afternoon during business hours.
We would have charged R 1 750.00 for callout, parts and labour.

If a locksmith brandishes a firearm when demanding payment or refuses to leave the premises this is intimidation, you have every right to ask for their company details and report their behaviour to the Locksmith Association of South Africa (LASA) and the South African Police Services (SAPS).

If you are looking for a reputable and qualified locksmith at affordable prices, please contact Jay on +27 82 651 6416.