Do All VW cars start the same way?

Volkswagen cars from M plate upwards (1995) use an immobiliser system that prevents the vehicle from starting without the correct key. The immobiliser is deactivated by a small transponder chip that is embedded in the head of the key. Earlier VW models use a separate immobiliser box whilst some of the later models (T plates and upwards) use an immobiliser system that is combined with the dashboard clocks.

With the earlier models of VW cars (pre-2006), locksmiths use a key reader that is inserted into the car lock to read the wafer depths. This allows us to cut a new key without having to remove the lock. The correct transponder chip that is required to deactivate the immobiliser box is then inserted into the key, without the need for a security code first.

Post 2006, (M plate and up until the very latest models), Volkswagen’s parent group VAG decided to pre code the transponder chips. It has made cars more secure and harder to steal because the chip is unique to each vehicle, but it has also made it more difficult for car locksmiths.

VW Car Key Replacement made easy

Northriding Locksmith has invested in specialist software and diagnostic equipment that enables Jay to extract the unique 4-digit security code that is required to program the keys. Our investment in the specialist equipment means we can cut new keys and program the transponder key to your car, as well as reproduce remote fobs for central locking.

Types of key

Just Need a Spare Set of VW Keys?

It’s a fact – keys wear out, develop faults or even break. Sometimes a repair is an option and a total replacement is not necessary. Our service is not limited to replacing lost or broken car keys; or helping you gain access to your vehicle if you have accidentally locked your keys inside. Perhaps you only have one set and need a spare set. Jay comes to you and produces the keys for you as long as you are within our service area, all you need to know is that 082 651 6416 is the number to call and Jay will take care of the rest.