Lost Car Keys – No Spare?

I’ve lost my only car key, does it matter?

No, it doesn’t, if you’ve lost your only set of keys, we can provide you with a replacement and reprogram the new car key to match your vehicle.  The old key will be deprogrammed making it useless, in case it has been stolen.

How long will it take to get a spare set of car keys?

The time it takes to provide a spare replacement key will depend on the following factors:

  1. The type of key (remote fob, keyless entry, or transponder)
  2. The model of your car
  3. In stock (if the key blank is available or we need to order one)

We carry a range of key blanks and in most cases, will be able give you a replacement car key on the same day.

Can I get a car key made without the original?

If you don’t have the original key, we are able to program a new key for your vehicle.  All that is required is your vehicle identification number (VIN) and you may be asked for proof of identification.

Will I have to change my car locks if my keys are lost?

With modern vehicles, we can either reconfigure the existing locks or program out the lost keys.  Any lost keys can be programmed out of the database of your car stopping anyone else using them, this is done using specialist diagnostic equipment which is plugged into the vehicle.

Are lost car keys covered by insurance?

Some insurers offer key cover as part of your car insurance policy for lost and stolen keys, you will find details on your car insurance policy documents.  We suggest checking if it affects your no-claims discount before claiming though.

What do I do if my car keys are stolen?

If your vehicle keys are stolen, we can do the following:

  1. Stop stolen keys being used by reprogramming your vehicle and deprogramming the stolen keys, rendering them useless.
  2. Depending on the age of the vehicle – door locks and ignition barrel may need to be reconfigured

If you need new or duplicate keys, call or WhatsApp Jay on 082 651 6416 with the details of the make, model and year of your vehicle, if possible, please send him a picture of both sides of your key.