Customer satisfaction is key

Customer satisfaction is one of the foundations of the exceptional relationship, sometimes referred to as true customer loyalty. Because of this it is important to hit the essentials of customer satisfaction (reliably and repeatedly) so that you don’t let down those customers you ultimately hope to convert to loyalty.

Customer satisfaction is based on four predictable factors; i.e. customers are satisfied whenever they consistently receive:
1. A perfect product;
2. Delivered by a caring, friendly person;
3. In a timely fashion;. . . with (because any of those three elements may misfire)
4. The support of an effective problem resolution process.

At Northriding Mobile Locksmith, Jay strives to achieve all four of these factors with 100% of his jobs, so, in the unlikely event that you have an issue shortly after a job is done, we ask that you contact him (on 082 651 6416) to seek a resolution so that he may achieve true customer loyalty.