The type of service you request should be the service you receive. That is a universal truth regarding your expectations and results received from a locksmith, or any other kind of trade service.
There are general levels of competency that apply to all locksmith services. These should be the same regardless of whether you have requested a residential locksmith to your home or a commercial locksmith to your workplace.
A FREE QUOTE OR COST ESTIMATE: This is pretty much an industry standard. You should expect a free indication of the total cost of the type of service you are requesting.
THE FINAL INVOICE SHOULD ALL MAKE SENSE: There should be no hidden charges in the invoice, “other” or “miscellaneous” that hasn’t either been covered by the information given to you in the free quote or since then explained to you before invoicing. Do not be afraid to challenge anything that doesn’t seem to add up. You are receiving the service, so you have a right to know what you are being charged for!
POLITE AND PROFESSIONAL DEMEANOR : Your locksmith should be polite and professional with a cordial manner.
WORK UNDERTAKEN WITH REASONABLE CARE & SKILL: You should expect your locksmith to perform his duties with the requisite level of skill and care befitting of a professional tradesman. This involves things like having the correct tools, using them properly, taking care to not damage your property, and carrying out their tasks so that the end product is secure and fit for purpose.