A locksmith can be seen as just a person who fixes locks. While that is relatively true, it’s not entirely what they do. They can offer a variety of services to make your home safe, secure and overall a better place to be for you and your loved ones, so you are not in danger of intruders or being unsafe. A secure, tight, well-made lock is important to your safety and ensuring that only you and anyone with a key can access your house. This gives you control over who will be coming in and who will be allowed to enter. This shouldn’t be compromised and so you want the best quality locks. Locksmiths can aid in making those locks better and more secure but can also help if they become damaged and you can’t access your home anymore. They can also help if you lose your key or are unable to get into your home for whatever reason.

There are a few services that Northriding Mobile Locksmith and Safe Technician offer, bear in mind that there are locksmiths that specialise in different areas.

Full Professional 2-in-1 Pick Set

New keys and locks, this is the main thing that a locksmith will help with. We can provide you with a new key or new lock for your house. Whether you are locked out of the house or your key has been lost or your lock has been damaged, you can call us to come over to help fix the problem. There are locksmiths that specialise in car locks, while we will open your car if the keys are locked inside, we do not cut new keys (although there are locksmiths that can assist you with this). They can also replace the lock should you need to.

Emergency door entry, this is where we can come over and help you by opening your house should you be locked out and unable to gain access. First we will try to pick the lock, failing that we may have to drill through the lock to get into your house. After having to drill the lock, a new one will need to be installed.  Should you need a new lock, we will install it right away, so you are assured of both access and safety.

Master keys and mass lock replacement, for furnished apartment buildings, the owner / manager will need a master key and may need multiple locks to be replaced. In this case, we can offer a mass lock replacement as well as a master key that is able to open every lock. This will allow the owner to access any room should they have to using just one key.

Safe Technician, most locksmiths are not safe technicians. It is a common misconception that the same person who rekeys your locks, can also break into a safe. In reality, a certified safe technician or “safe cracker” is a very specialised skill set. We, at Northriding Mobile Locksmith and Safe Technician, are able to diagnose mechanical failures, make the appropriate repairs and when all else fails; drill a safe open, re-set combinations and replace locks. It is important to note, that these services do cost more than a normal locksmith call out because of the specialised skillset.