Tips and Tricks for Optimal Garage Door Maintenance

The garage door is not only the largest door in your home, but also the most used door. Therefore, it is important that you make sure it’s in good shape. Here are some tips designed to ensure that the garage door is performing its best throughout the year with good garage door maintenance.

Inspect the Garage Door Regularly

After installing the garage door, a majority of people fail to perform garage door maintenance on it for months or years after installation. This means they won’t notice that their garage door requires repair until disaster strikes. The number one tip to avoid this is to regularly inspect the garage door. If you are a little bit technical, you can fix the small issues by yourself.

Alternatively, you can set a reminder to have the garage door serviced at regular intervals , ensuring that it is functioning correctly throughout. When you open and close the garage door, listen to ensure the garage door is smooth and there aren’t any suspicious sounds. When you notice any abnormality, you should contact a technician to check the garage door.

Make Sure the Hardware is Tightened

Researchers have found that on average, a garage door is used over a thousand times each year. That’s big mileage for the moving parts of a garage door. As a result you will occasionally, observe loose bolts and nuts requiring to be tightened. A tightened garage door will ensure you receive optimal performance every time. This reduces breakage incidents ensuring that your garage door is in good shape.

Inspect the Locks and Order a Replacement of Garage Door Locks

A garage door lock is critical to keeping your garage door, and home, safe from theft and burglary. Sometimes, the locks are so old that they are easily broken or smashed, which causes a huge safety hazard for everyone.

To prevent this scenario from happening to you, have your local locksmith give you advise on your best option, making sure the lock is compatible with your door.

Apply Lubrication

Another important investment you have to make is buying a good quality lubricant. This helps to ensure that moving parts are oiled and operating smoothly. Contact a garage door repair company for advice on the best lubricant for your garage door.

Check the Cables

Does your garage door require cable replacement? To find out, you ought to inspect the cable. This requires some technical skills to know a functional garage door cable from one that has defects. If you aren’t sure, it’ll be best to contact a knowledgeable tradesman to assist.

Clean the Garage Door

Did you know that cleaning the garage door is part of good garage door maintenance? A cleaned garage door makes it easier to identify broken parts. In addition, it helps to eliminate rusting and rotting due to dirt that causes these to occur.


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