When you can’t remember the combination to your safe, you don’t just call anyone. After all, safes and vaults are where you keep valuables or stash your cash. The qualified technician at Northriding Mobile Locksmith has learned a thing or two in the years he has been providing his vault and safe opening service to his customers in the Randburg and surrounding areas.

Mechanical or Operator Lockouts

When you cannot open your safe, it is probably because of one of two lockout conditions. Either your safe is damaged by water or rust, causing the locking mechanism to fail mechanically, something is jammed causing the lock to fail, the battery needs to be replaced, or you are experiencing an operator lockout because you are dialling the wrong combination or have forgotten the code.


Is the Technician Qualified?

Your safe holds items that are invaluable to you, so before allowing someone to start picking open your safe, make sure they are qualified, ensure that they are equipped with all of the necessary tools to get the job done well.


Specialised Equipment is Needed to Open a Safe

Know the brand / make of your safe and hire a technician who is familiar with the brand. Ensure the locksmith you hire to get your safe or vault open is qualified and knowledgeable. A skilled technician may use custom-designed tools alongside equipment like high security lock picking devices, boltwork manipulation tools, special drilling machines that are high speed, special lighting devices, and may even employ the use of tiny high-resolution video systems to open your safe without damaging the locks or the contents of the safe.


Maintain Your Safe and Vaults

Once you get the lock open, make sure it doesn’t happen again. One way to ensure your safe or vault is always functioning properly is to have it maintained regularly. Typically, it is recommended to have a safe lock serviced every 12 – 18 months for frequent users or 2-3 years for those who seldom open the safe. If a lockout from your safe is more than an inconvenience, but also would greatly adversely affect your business, make sure you have a qualified safe technicians number on your emergency contact list to avoid further frustration.


Safe Opening is a Specialised Skill

Safe opening is a very delicate and specialised skill. Don’t just call the first available locksmith to get it done. Northriding Mobile Locksmith has been providing safe opening service for years. Call Jay on 082 651 6416 with the assurance of fast, reliable and trusted safe opening services.