Reasons for a Jammed Latch Door – Broken Internal Mechanism (part 3)

Whether the door latch is stuck open or closed, you need a way to get your door functioning correctly. There are several possible issues and potential fixes that you can attempt yourself or you can call a professional.
The issue – the simplest sign that something is broken in the lock is when the door latch is stuck only when you attempt to move the handle (both when the door is open and closed), but you can press on the latch and it will slide in and out the way it’s intended to.
What is happening – the spindle might be broken; meaning the actuating handle is not sending any information to the latch, which is a result of the chain of interacting parts having broken down. There may also be something wrong with the spindle hole, keyed cylinder, or something that has broken in the lock.
Solutions – the easiest way to fix a broken lock is to change locks, it may also be the cheapest solution, unless it is a very old well-made lock. You can check with your local locksmith as the replacement of parts also requires you to know what you need to replace. You could see this as the perfect opportunity to upgrade your security by investing in better-quality lock products that not only provide more security but will require less maintenance.
If you’ve read all 3 parts of this article and you have a door latch stuck open or closed, you should be able to identify the problem and take the proper steps to get them back into working order.
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