Locksmith Tips for the Holidays

1. Lock everything
It may sound obvious, but this is frequently overlooked. Before you leave, always make sure to lock all the doors and windows.

2. Put up signs
One of the simplest ways to keep the bad guys away from your property is just by advertising that you have a home security. Put up home security signs or stickers on your front gate. This will aid in the prevention of potential threats entering your home.

3. Install security cameras
Contemplate installing security cameras if you don’t have any yet. Although this won’t prevent the intruders from breaking into your property, you’ll have an idea who had access to your home.

4. Make sure your house is well-lit
If your home has little to no lights, this could indicate to criminals that there is no one home. Therefore, it’s important to put indoor and outdoor lights around your property. As much as possible, keep the lights on to make it look as if your house is occupied.

5. Keep your valuables in a safe
If you have expensive accessories, cash, or other valuables, it’s best to keep them all in a safe. If possible, install the safe in a place where thieves can’t easily find it. Although criminals may still locate the safe, it will serve as a deterrent, unless they are able to successfully open the safe.

6. Change locks
Changing locks can be a great way to maximise the security of your home, particularly if you have recently misplaced a set of keys, relationships have soured, or there has been staff turnover. It may be worth the peace of mind in the end to call a reliable and professional locksmith before taking your vacation.

Jay will be available through the holidays, so save his number 082 651 6416 on your phone.

If you are going away this festive season, and in the unfortunate event you are away and need his services, there will be no need to panic or search for an available locksmiths in the area.

We wish you safe travel to your destination and a relaxing vacation. Thank you for your support in 2019, we look forward to being of service to you in 2020.

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