Always consider the importance of keeping the contact number of a respectable locksmith in your contacts. You never know when a crucial situation needs a proficient solution and the safety of your family or property could depend on it. Look up a reputable locksmith before the need arises, giving you time to do your homework, read customer reviews and ensure that you receive quality service at a competitive rate.

Example of a locksmith overcharging

This locksmith number will come in handy if you are locked out, have lost a key or accidentally broken the key in the lock.  Some things are beyond DIY tasks and you don’t want to be in a frenzy, googling “locksmith near me” or trying to find an affordable locksmith if, for example, your baby is locked in the car on a hot summers day and you have locked the keys in the boot.

Many owners contact us after the ill-fated incident of a break-in. Such circumstances demand the need for re-evaluating the security of the doors. Upgrades may include the installation of deadbolts and padlocks, it is unwise to overlook sliding doors as they are very vulnerable as a point of entry, here you may need to look at additional precautions.

For commercial business owners, don’t delay in revising the existing security system at your offices and ensuring your peace of mind.

Pictured is an example of a dissatisfied customer who only did their homework after a bad experience (please note we have blocked out the company and customer details to avoid prejudice).  This job should have, as a worst-case scenario, with an after-hours callout of R 650.00 and a profile cylinder at R 300.00, have cost R 950.00.

Always ensure that you are working with a trusted locksmith, call Jay of Northriding Mobile Locksmith on 082 651 6416 for peace of mind and quality workmanship.  If you have been a customer, please add your comments our Facebook page (@northridingmobilelocksmith), so others may benefit from your experience.