“Cracking” or Opening a Safe

Can’t open your safe? Your safe is locked? Often people think that once a locksmith opens their safe it won’t be operational but that’s not true. This misunderstanding occurs when an inexperienced locksmiths attempts to open a safe with the incorrect tools and results in a damaged safe lock. When you call Northriding Locksmith, who is reliable and well trained, you can put your mind at ease.

How Much It Cost to Crack A Safe?

It is almost impossible to estimate the cost of opening a safe. The technician needs to examine why the lock is stuck or why does not the safe open, it may open after lubrication of the lock, in which case the cost is minimal; or worst case scenario, he has to drill it open and the cost and duration will then depend on the category of safe involved.


Safe Repair

If it is difficult for you to insert the key in the lock? If so, avoid breaking the key in the lock and creating additional complications. If the lock is difficult to turn or the lock is stuck, we will service the safe and if necessary replace the lock so that it functions correctly. Our service also includes maintenance for your safes since; they too require regular servicing to ensure they work well as they are prone to problems if not checked and repaired.


Duplicate Safe Keys

We can duplicate safe keys if you require an additional set. If have you lost your keys, we can replace the lock and supply you with 2 new keys so you have the peace of mind that no-one untoward has access to your valuables.


Change Safe Combination

Change the opening combination code of the safe. If you are worried that someone has combination to your safe, give us a call to keep the unsolicited people out of your safe. If you forget your combination code or you think it’s not safe enough we also provide the service to change it whenever the need arises.


Safes Types We Serve:

  • Gun Safe
  • Electronic Safe
  • Wall Safe
  • High Security Safe
  • Drop Safe (Depository Safes)
  • Standalone Home Safe
  • Jewellery Safe
  • Hotel Safe (in some cases these have to be drilled and may not be reusable)
  • Bank Vaults


More about our safe services:

Remodelling your office, renovations are taking place in your home, we can install a new lock or a combination to upgrade your security level. When you choosing the right safe for home / business you can ask for advice and we’ll be happy to help.


How much can I expect to pay if you open my safe?

An over the phone assessment for this situation, will only be a guess according to the explanation given, so we ask you to send us a photo of the safe and a close up of the lock / combination so that we can give you a better estimate. In some cases, if it is a very rare safe we may have to come to you to assess the situation prior to giving you a quote.

If you have any other questions regarding your safe needs, please give Jay a call or drop him a WhatsApp on 082 651 6416.

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