If you own or manage a business, the locks on your door are the main line of defence between your investment and a criminal seeking to do harm. You know the value of your employees and company property. You are in and out of the office daily to help keep the business operating effectively and as a business owner / manager in charge of an office building, you need to make sure you know when it’s time to have a business locks changed.
Your business is your livelihood with you putting a lot of time and investing in your company, so don’t take chances with the security. Take precautionary steps to make ensure the security by having the locks changed from time to time.
When you have a company, employ staff, or have an office away from home, you need to take great defence against unwanted entry from unauthorised individuals who could potentially harm what you have spent time building.
There are many reasons why you need to consider changing your business locks in your commercial space.
Change of Staff
  • You would like to think that each and every one of your employees is a loyal staff member who would never do you or your business any harm. In reality, as a business owner, one of your duties is to ensure the safety of not only your property but also that of the employees.
  • Companies that have more than one employee are going to experience staff changes occasionally, sometimes these changes are friendly, but other times they are hostile. When an employee is out to get revenge after being fired or quitting, you don’t want that person having access to all of your companys private documents or to the property. Keep your business secure and your loyal employees safe by changing the locks after there has been a major change of staff.
Contract Personnel
  • It’s common for businesses to have employees coming in at different times of the day and night. Cleaning crews or a housekeeping service that you have hired, maintenance workers keeping up with details like changing light bulbs, landscape crews, and IT department tending to computer and server issues are just a few of the many people who have access to keys. Think about it, though, in just one year’s time it’s possible to have changed staff members, maintenance workers, or cleaning agents many times over. With all of the potential employees coming and going, it’s very likely that any one of them could have lost or given a key to someone who doesn’t work there. Don’t risk taking the chance on countless keys ending up in the hands of strangers who now have access to your place of business.
  • The convenience of allowing access to the building for those servicing it for a temporary project without the thought of being woken up in the middle of the night just to unlock or lock a door is sometimes a wise decision. Once the job is complete, however, if you have hired contract workers to do work in your building after hours, you may have felt confident providing them with a key to let themselves in and out. When the work is complete and you have collected all of the keys, it’s a good idea to go ahead and change the locks, because you don’t know if any copies were made of the keys.
Lost Keys
Even the most careful and organised people lose keys. It happens, so you need to expect it and be prepared, especially it if you have a large staff compliment who each have their own key. Anytime you don’t know for sure who has access to your office building through use of a spare or lost key, it’s time to have a business locks changed. The cost is a necessity when the security of your employees and the confidentiality of business documents and equipment are at stake.
Worn Out Locks
Even the top-of-the-line, most secure locks don’t last forever. Because of the many moving parts inside a lock, it sustains daily and constant wear and tear that requires maintenance, upgrading and repair when necessary. When the locks begin to constantly fail, it’s time for a business locks change to install working locks with fresh new keys.
Breach of Security
  • If there has been a break in or an attempted break in at your place of business, the first thing to do is to change the locks. The next step is to consider upgrading your security system entirely.
  • The benefits of periodically changing your business locks routinely far outweigh any inconvenience or cost. It’s recommended to do a business locks change at least once a year, and to alternate the month or date of the business locks change so that a potential criminal will not recognise a pattern and cash in to do your company harm.
  • As a business owner, you should constantly be aware of who has access to your companys property. Find a locksmith who is a reliable specialist. Many companies find a locksmith they trust and build a lasting relationship.

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