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RandAre you looking for a fast, reliable and professional Randburg Locksmith? Your search most likely will stop here! Backed by over 20 years of experience in the business, we at Northriding Mobile Locksmith offer the best of products and services to the residents, in and around Randburg.

Hiring the services of a trusted, qualified locksmith in Randburg, or, for that matter, anywhere in the world is a must to ensure that the safety of the home or vehicle is in no way compromised. Our professional services, on par with the highest quality standards, ensure that all the services perfectly meet the needs of our customers.


Services Offered

We specialise at addressing nearly all problems with locks.

Open Locks

Very often, people tend to misplace, lose, or even accidentally lock-in their car or home keys, making it necessary to pick-open locks in order to gain access into the vehicle or building. We are adept at handling an extensive range of locking mechanisms, and can help easily and quickly remedy the situation without causing any damage to the existing fixtures.

Occasionally, a lost or misplaced safe key may pose a serious concern for those who choose to safeguard their precious belongings in their residences. Not to worry, for we can also handle locking mechanisms on safes with equal ease to ensure that the contents are accessible and securely retrieved.

Replace Locks

Lock replacements become mandatory if the existing locks are beyond repair, or do not scale up to the security needs of a given neighbourhood. Poor locksmith services may also render locks unusable. The ideal option is, of course, to opt for the services of a reputed, professional locksmith in Randburg.

We can help replace locks that are best suited to address specific customer needs and help protect their belongings.

Fit New Locks

Residents, in and around Randburg, are welcome to contact us for their requirements for new locks. Having been in the business for over two decades, we are well aware of the lock systems in use, their benefits and suitability to specific needs, and can help customers select the right type of locks for their use.

Fitting Deadlocks

Deadlocks are secondary locks that are commonly used to combat break-ins and burglaries, particularly in localities that are faced with high crime rates and vandalism. These locks latch right into the frame of the door and can only be opened with the proper key.

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